Chinese New Year Day was January 31, 2014 but, according to the Chinese Astrology Calendar, the Year of Horse begins today -February 4, 2014.  This is the Year of Wooden Horse and, since wood is related to trees or green, 2014 is also called the Year of Green Horse.

Meaning of Year of the Horse 2014

green-horse-cardAccording to, the Chinese calendar indicates that 2014 will be a better year for those people who were born in a Year of the Horse when it comes to fortune.  Previously Horse lives might have been filled with financial struggles and love life issues, but in 2014, things should change.  If Horses becomes financially independent, their money situations will become better and better because Horses are naturally lucky when it comes to money resources and career. All they need to do is properly manage some aspects of their lives.

Unfortunately, 2014 is also the year where Horses will be prone to health issues specifically ones that target the lungs. They are more likely to be involved in accidents too. To counteract such bad luck, it is suggested that Horses donate blood.

The lucky colors to wear this year are purple, blue and grey.  To increase your luck, you can wear wooden pendants or beads as an accessory.  Horses’ lucky numbers are 7, 3, 2.

Horse people are energetic, intelligent and are usually physically strong. They like to stay in peaceful places. They are very good at communicating with other people being quite sociable and friendly. Horses love crowded places as well as entertainment. Because of Horses natural tendency towards friendliness, they is loved by many.

People born under the sign of the Horse love to be involved in charity events and often want to create their own humanitarian projects.  In their career, Horses don’t want to be tied down at one company for a long time but for the time they are there, they will do their very best.  When making life decisions, Horses be stubborn but they also have earthy sides.

The image above is the horse I painted for my Chinese New Year cards.

Wishing you much joy and prosperity!


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