Art has always been part of my life – viewing it, creating it, and sharing it.  In the past much of my art was like automatic writing. I liked to think of my doodles as the microcosmic worlds that lived in my subconscious with some common elements such as trees, water and eyes. I also did a lot of commission work over the years to supplement my income – conte crayon portraits, hand bound journals and even polymer clay sculptures of people’s pets. Currently I am working predominantly with watercolor pencils and ink to create mixed media pieces primarily focused on flora and fauna as well as 3 dimensional shadow box pieces.

As an artist in Los Angeles, CA, I participated in several art shows, fundraisers, and holiday boutiques. I was a member of The Word is Art Gallery from October 2013 until it closed in June 2014 and helped provide social media support for the members. After that I was a member the Ten Women Gallery on Main Street in Santa Monica, CA until March 2015 and wrote the monthly newsletter.

In 2016, I moved to Columbia, SC.  Since moving here I have become a member of the Trenholm Artists Guild (TAG), Crooked Creek Art League (CCAL) and the SC Watermedia Society.  I have found it much easier to straddle the chaos between my art my day job and managing to make art more of a main focus in my life.