When I take those tests to see if I’m more right-brained or left-brained, it always falls pretty evenly in the middle – 49% one side / 51% the other.  Which pretty much explains why, even though I’ve been an artist for most of my life, I’ve pretty much always made a living in business.  And not just any business – technology.  Oh if my college self could see me now!  She would have a hissy fit because she thought that the two – art & technology – were diametrically opposed.  As I got older and more immersed in using technology in my work, I realized there’s an art to technology.being creative

So why am I talking about that when this is my artist bio?  Because it’s part of who I am, there’s a rhythm and pattern to business and workflow analysis that has started making itself known in my artwork.  Art has always been part of my life and I’ve often supplemented my income with it.  I’ve done a lot of commission work over the years, conte crayon portraits, hand bound journals and even polymer clay sculptures of people’s pets but other than my pen & ink doodles, I really never did very much work that I would consider my own.

Three years ago, the company I was working for went under and a few months later I got asked if I would like to participate in an art show as part of a fund raiser.   It was the first time in ages that I could just let my imagination go and paint whatever I wanted.  It was a really freeing experience and that was when I decided that I was going to take some time and really focus on creating art for art’s sake.  Since then I have participated in fund raisers, boutiques and am hoping to expand into some galleries this year.

I still straddle the chaos between my “pay the bills” job (business consultant / contractor) and my sexy job (artist) but it’s a lot more comfortable these days!